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Glass Filter Tips
Glass cigarette tips are the go-to option for many smoking enthusiasts. They provide pre-roll lovers with a terrific yet straightforward way of relishing their herb
What is a Glass Filter Tips?
Smoking and cigarette consumption enthusiasts do know how important smoking accessories are for your comfort and the whole idea of the smoking experience. Especially it is true if you prefer pre-roll cigarettes to factory-made ones. Emissions of such cigarettes are inconvenient without the use of special filters and mouthpieces. Previously the main emphasis on cigarette consumption was focused on cigarette filter tips made from paper and cardboard. Yet they were not the best investigation to adore. Cardboard tips could catch fire easily, they quickly deformed, and when you used them, finger burns were a completely routine thing.

Glass filter tips are a completely different matter. They have many benefits you may appreciate if you choose to buy and use them. Let’s start with the most important fact. It is a glass filter tip you may enjoy even more than any other smoking accessory ever.
Difference Between a Filter Tip and a Paper Tip
Glass Tips
The glass cigarette filter is a handy accessory that covers your fingers from the heat of a smoldering cigarette. Glass easily absorbs heat providing you with comfort.
Glass filter tips reduce the amount of tar in the lungs when inhaling cigarette smoke. Parts of the resins and combustion products simply settle on the glass surface.
This accessory is easy to use, easy to maintain, and compact at once. You can simply rinse the glass filter tip with running water to clean and prepare for the next smoking experience.

Paper Tips
They come in different sizes, paper types and even flavors. They are not meant to be reused, but have one advantage over glass filters in that they allow you to smoke completely to the end.
What is More Beneficial?
Let's see which is more profitable? We can calculate that if you make, say, 70 cigarettes a month, you only spend about $4.2 per month on disposable paper filters, or $25.2 for half a year, and it would seem like a good deal, right? But if we take into account that the glass filters are reusable and paying $15.99 for 10 glass filters will last you for several years with proper use. Thus, we can calculate that you will spend about $ 100 on paper filters in two years, and this is provided that you roll no more than 70 cigarettes per month. And at the same time you can roll as many cigarettes as you want with glass tips for just $15.99 over a few years.
Variety of Glass Tips
We offer you to choose from several different yet astonishing types of Air Steward’s filter tips.

Regular Glass Tips - is a perfect match for regular use. Its laconic design and all-purpose size of 8x25 mm allow a consumer to enjoy smoking in full. This tip is made of the finest-quality quartz glass resistant to low and high temperatures and fully transparent.
Colorful Glass Tips - the splash of brightness in your pocket. They are similar in size to regular ones yet their origin of borosilicate glass allows us to make them of different colors to your choice.
Flat Glass Tips - higher and they are flat in shape. For some types of smoking routines, they may fit you better. The size of flat glass tips is 8x35 mm.

All types of Air Steward’s glass filter tips are available in packs of 10, 14 or 20 items. You can buy them online and enjoy your hemp or tobacco ciggies recently.
How to clean Your Glass Tips?
Taking care of your smoking accessories is a must for the smoking enthusiast. So let’s get a bit deeper into the peculiarities of cleaning a glass filter tip by Air Steward.

#1. Use hot water. Put your filter tip into the cup filled with hot water and boil it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Clean the inside of the tip with a Q-tip and then dry it up.

#2. For heavy clogging by resin, it is better to use Isopropyl Alcohol with water. First, clean it with hot water like in Method #1. Then soak the tip in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol for 30 minutes and then clean it with a Q-tip, and dry it.

#3. For the dirtiest filter tips, mix 3 tsp of salt with ½ cup of alcohol. Then put your Air Steward’s glass filter tip into a Zip-lock bag and fill it with the solution.
Rub and shake the tip into the bag until all the resin is dissolved. Then wash your tip with hot water and Q-tip to remove the remains. Dry it and be sure it is ready for use.

Glass filter tips do reduce the amount of tars and resins intake when smoking. Yet the traces of carbon monoxide may still infiltrate your lungs. Be aware of glass filter tips do not remove the risks of smoking yet they will provide you with an excellent experience and pleasure of inhaling pure smoke with all its taste and flavor.
How to Use Glass Filter Tips?
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